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Parish of St Therapon Greek Food Fair 6 March 2016Parish of St Therapon Greek Food Fair
6 March 2016

St Therapon is hosting another exciting Greek Food Fair!

Sample the best of Hellenic cuisine at a fun family day out!

We hope to see you there! 323-325 Pennant Hills Road:

What’s On?

Traditional Greek and Cypriot cuisine, traditional Greek dancing displays, children’s entertainment and much, much more.

The Fair will feature traditional Greek and Cypriot dishes which are at the top of everyone’s request list. From the simple to the elaborate, we will have all those classic dishes that delight Greek food enthusiasts the world over. Come and explore rich culinary traditions of Greece and Cyprus. 

The Fair will feature traditional Greek and Cypriot food like Souvlaki, “KontoSouvli”, and indulgent Greek sweets and desserts like “Loukoumades”.
All set in a Greek festival atmosphere… celebrate with us as we share Greek and Cypriot food with our community and friends.

All welcome.

Bring the family for a fun day out. Enjoy traditional Greek food, music and dancing! Opa!
Don’t miss out what promises to be an experience of Greek and Cypriot culinary delights!