Posted by Steve Wright

St Thereupon Annual Fete 2015

St Therapon Annual Fete, Sunday 17 May from 11am onwards

As we are celebrating the feast of St Therapon, we celebrate the way only Greeks can, with music, dance, abundant delicious food and tasty treats.  Hronia Polla! Χρονια Πολλα!

Traditional Greek cuisine and culture including Greek dancing, and great Greek music.

Come and enjoy mouth watering coal-fired Souvlakia, delicious sweet treats like Greek Loukomades’ (Honey Puffs), and the infamous caffeine blast of traditional Greek coffee to finish off your meal! Socialise, dance, eat and enjoy our annual fundraising fete, come and support your Church while enjoying a tasty meal whilst soaking up the delightful ‘panayiri’ atmosphere!

For the kids there is also face painting and entertainment, as well as many unforgettable Greek dancing activities to enjoy watching.  OPA!

Come and join in what promises to be an enjoyable day at a splendid time of year to be celebrating outdoors. See you there!